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Web Development

Pixelperinches takes care of all of your Web Development related needs. We provide a platform, where you can come to avail high-end solutions for your web development projects. With the upgrade technologies, including Enterprise solutions, E- Business and effective CMS we offer an unbeatable technological advantage to your business. We implement prudent business technologies such as PHP, XML/XSL, XHTML, Cascading Style Sheets, JavaScript/ECMA Script, MySQL and more to build more interactive and dynamic websites. As we know your website demands the best web development services. Get more value for your business with the interfaces developed and designed by the professionals at Pixelperinches to create and deliver an everlasting impression on your audience.

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Digital Marketing

Pixelperinches understand your digital marketing needs and assist you to reach to your business objectives and potential customers. We produce innovative digital solutions so that our every client hit the nail perfectly on the head of the digital era, Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Content Creation, Pay Per Click, Local Search Optimization, Brand Optimization and App Marketing are the areas of our prime focus. We are a experienced and dedicated team of professionals that are endeavor and ambitious to provide the best digital strategies to help your business grow.

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Mobile App Development

Our top-tier mobile app development services deliver the best to the clients with innovative, creative and functional technologies. We update ourselves with the latest trends in technology and equipped with the hi-tech end tools such as JavaScript, Java, Eclipse, OpenGL, SQLite, Swift, Xcode,JavaScript, HTML5 and UI/UX design prototype. We take pride in turning the ideas into the feature rich applications. Pixelperinches believes in building scalable and custom mobile app solution for your startup and enterprise. We believe that every idea is unique and we help to convert it into established business. We build dynamic customized Mobile apps with high-tech features, latest mobile technologies and creative unique widgets that one can’t even think of.

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User Experience (UX) Design

Our intuitive, well-designed and intrusive user interface are our key strengths that are earned to make your brands speak out in the market. We are a close knit team of professionals that create alluring and effective business designs with the years of practise on UI/UX design. Being experts in Javascript, HTML5, Mongodb, CSS3, Node.js and more, our focus is on the mobile & web solutions, we have talent for e-Commerce solutions and real-time apps to bring the best to our clients and aiming to make their overall user experience exceptional.

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Cloud Computing

In today’s growing technology world, cloud computing is a technology that uses the internet and central remote servers to maintain data and applications. It’s getting famous becuase of the few reasons like Remain flexible, Increase capacity on the fly, Option to plug and play, Disaster recovery, Automatic software updates, Minimize investment on IT infrastructure and license costs, Web enabled SaaS options. The Business applications are moving to the cloud Looking ahead and very rapidly, the next decade of cloud computing commiting new ways to collaborate anytime everywhere, through mobile devices globally. Cloud computing reduces your hardware (software networking,computers) management and overall IT expenses.

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Internet of Things(IoT)

The Internet of Things (IoT) is at its most profound levels in the list of the latest trends in the technology. We create a digital representations of real-world objects to ease a common man. It is a phenomenon that draws on rapid developments within, ICT, IT and telecommunications to spark insights and to help companies build and create entirely new types of services and business areas.

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